1000 pieces where do you start?

The best surprise presents are the ones that you wouldn’t often buy yourself. My Uncle bought me a 1000 piece jigsaw for Christmas of one of my favourite albums and the iconic cover art of The Beatles, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart club band. After its finished I’ll be framing it as a great bit of wall art 🎸.


It’s been years since I’ve tackled a jigsaw and it’s a great way of focusing your mind and escaping the daily activity to give yourself a bit of a ‘reboot’. Anythings better than getting drawn into trash on TV or the whingers on social media (you know who you are!). Every piece that goes in place is a great bit of positivity to help with your thought processes too 👍🏻.

There are approaches to anything in life where if you find a common denominator it makes lots of problems become a manageable handful. A jigsaw upon openning has 1000 problems that need sorting instantly! Some of the pieces are characterised by colour and then those that have the same colour are seperated by shape and whether they are side pieces (flat edge and corner pieces) or centre pieces. With the Beatles jigsaw I’m already sorting the flowers, Sky, and soul into a seperate task all of its own. Starting with the drum, the Fab Four and the celebrity back line the jigsaw is well and truly out of the blocks.


In sales the volume of information can also be catagorised into compartments and this is often a ‘light bulb’ moment for a lot of our clients. This enables the sales person focus on challenges that are ‘low hanging fruit’ and the clients to focus on getting the project rolling.

In your next inbound (or outbound if you are running that in your business) enquiry try catagorising the pieces of the conversation or email into some catagories and remember that those 1000 pieces are only a handful of different challenges when dealt with separately make the jigsaw come together faster.

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