2016 Set your board up and make your first moves

Happy New Year everyone!

2016 has well and truly kicked in and the Christmas break has gone just as fast as it always does. At Plain Selling we’ve been preparing for the fast transforming world of sales automation for all of our existing clients, more news to follow on this in weeks to come.

I spent a lot of Christmas with my family and plenty of time playing board games! ‘Guess Who’, ‘What’s Up’ and ‘Dobble’ being favourites with the kids (and big kids!). There’s plenty to be said about non-digital ways of engaging in play with the family to involve all from the kids to the Grandparents and you can imagine my delight when I opened a Chess/Draughts set from Santa this year.

Chess is a great game and if you haven’t played it before I can recommend it as a great use of downtime to challenge your mind in different ways. When I was playing over the festive period I was playing with the game as an analogy for business and sales and the first stage of the ‘business’ Chess Game happens this week – setting up the 2016 board and making your first moves.

In previous years we’ve learnt much about the changing markets in which we have discovered successes and much about the challenges we’ve overcome. Maybe a new formation of the ‘Pawns’ for your year ahead will help your ‘Attacking pieces’ stronger than ever? What can you learn from past mistakes so that you don’t have any unexpected ‘Checkmates’ coming in? You’ve mastered how to use your favourite ‘Pieces’, how about learning more about the ones you have seen mastered by other players in different ways?

In Sales the act of closing is often seen as the killer move. All we are saying is that getting to ‘Checkmate’ with a very worthy opponent takes a strong well thought out strategy and often involved various stages in the process. This way ‘Checkmate’ (the Close) is a logical and very satisfying close for both players in the game. The player in check has learnt lots along the way and the winning player has developed more confidence and ready for the next game. It’s up to you who you decide is your opponent in ‘Business Chess’ : The competition? The client? The industry? Regardless who your business is playing with it’s a good idea to have a strategy in place.

Now your board is set up what’s your first move?