Plain Selling is born out of 16 years of enterprise class sales experience and developed from a combination of skills and laser-pointed strategy from the fast growth world of enterprise software sales. In the early 2000’s technology adoption was high and budgets for IT started to climb making the industry of technology one of the most competitive and lucrative globally. During this time bubbles burst and 9/11 hit which made corporations become more risk averse and protective literally overnight. To continue with business in such a competitive world was a huge challenge and to be part of a business that grew 30% year on year in such a challenging period was almost unheard of!

Russell Hope, MD of Plain Selling, enjoyed the best part of 10 years from 2003 as one of the first sales people in a fast growing software business, AppSense – the Plain Selling methodologies have been proven to work since then in various industries including SME software, bespoke software, accountancy, marketing, new media, engineering, photography and various areas of digital including, SEO, PPC and web design.

Since 2012 these skills and strategies have been helping Plain Selling to grow and also helping clients achieve goals and focus that previously appeared impossible.