Does business rock? It does now! (Warning: this blog contains a mega deal)

At Plain Selling HQ we’re great believers in mixing what you love with what you love doing and music and business are too of our big passions.


Russ our Managing Director is just at home behind his decks as he is in a boardroom, Andy our software specialist also goes by the name ‘Bleeding Hands’ and is one of the north wests rawest talents, Tom loves guitar and his knowledge of music surpasses most, Aaron loves folk and is often sharing a local mash up artist of folk and international flavour for us to devour.  

You can imagine our excitement when Plain Selling were asked to get involved in this years Business Rocks . Jonathon Cadden has done a spectacular job to get this show on the road and with a totally sold out event last year at UK Fast HQ, this year has gone completely colossal 👊🏻 


The event is playing host to one of the reasons why you’re reading this blog and that’s Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. He is being interviewed by our very own rock star and host of the show, creative mind, Jeff Coghlan of Matmi. This is a combination not to be missed.

During the event which has huge tech focused businesses involved we’ll have back to back DJ’s to keep us on track, global video streaming, entrepreneurs, dragon’s, rockers and doers of awesome things. 3 nights of networking. over 300 exhibitors, 5 stages, 5000 people.  We’ll be there rocking the business world and right now there’s limited run of 2 for 1 tickets available through Plain Selling. Grab them quick cause we’ve only got a limited quantity!

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