February has love in the middle and it’s full of sales

Hello sales people (if you’re an M.D. reading this that includes you as well just in case you were wondering)

February is a short month how are you going to make it count?

  • Start early don’t hold of after rounding up January (I hope it was a busy one for you)
  • Now the ‘Happy new year’ messages have been sent and goals been set, how about review your goals and encouraging your clients to do the same. How can you help them hit their goals?
  • The year of the dog – every dog loves a bone :) why not ask your clients to chuck you a bone… or in other words, can they refer you to a business contact? Elvis and Churchill were both ‘Dogs’ and if it’s good enough for them then why not ?!

I always encourage sales people to start NOW! Waiting for the right time might make you realise that when you reach that time it was too late. Even more important in the short months.