“Hi I’m an IT expert responsible for the marketing strategy”

Depending on the size of your prospects they’re maybe those people who ‘don’t know what they don’t know”.

As the battle for the board seat of IT/Digital/Marketing continues this often transfers to small to medium businesses.

One of the most common is the floating responsibility of Finance, IT, Marketing, and Sales.

  • Sales often is invested in first and with Marketing can be challenging and NOT impossible
  • Finance is most commonly outsourced completely especially for SME’s and there’s always a board member who has more affinity to the numbers
  • IT often is outsourced and one of the worse case scenarios are the tech fanatics who think they know best. Just because they are up on the latest gadgets and software doesn’t mean they know best about the IT strategy for growth.
  • Marketing is the area where many feel out of their depth with lots of technologies available to ‘just get by’ it’s hard to resist just getting stuck in. In reality if you partnered with the right business your achieve faster and Sales would benefit directly as a result.

Each of these situations are all slightly victim to ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it mentality’

“What if it is broken and it’s NOT impacting the business?! Then you won’t know that it is broken. The day when you realise you can benefit from the correct strategy and partnerships will be the day when you know what you’ve been missing out on…”

“I understand how you feel… Here’s an example of a customer who felt the same as you and they quickly found with us that… <insert well articulated value>…”

“What if we shared more who would get involved in that?”

There’s a discussion example that I hear (and am involved with) on a daily basis.