“If opportunity doesn’t knock build a door”

All too often we hear about a business sales’ drying up and unexpected quiet patches in the year ,which in many cases impacts cash flow, morale and sometimes can destroy a business. In many cases those companies are living by effect and react to clients coming to them for work to be fulfilled. Even worse in some cases the sales guys are blaming the lack of inbound enquiries as a reason for this quiet spot?

“Boss the phones not ringing!”

If those words had hit the walls in my past sales experience then the sales guy would’ve been picking a window! It shouldn’t be acceptable for the sales function of any business to live by effect. Take the effect and make it the  cause. Wise words Jack!

“If opportunity doesn’t knock build a door”

Whilst the author or this mantra still remains unknown I love it’s approach to living by cause rather than by effect, something we recommend all our clients to do as regularly as possible. In fact since the beginning of the year when a few people close to me were at a cross roads I decided to put it up on our mantra board in the kitchen.

How about more outbound sales activity? This has been an excellent approach for a few of our clients recently, Kaleida, Pixel Kicks and My Accountancy Place. This living by cause will undoubtedly increase the amount of reactive and new clients by effect. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy. At the same time you can actively seek new clients.

In My Accountancy Place example opportunity was knocking AND they ‘built a door’ , starting the digital round table. And also Kaleida started what is now a unique mix of technical and construction expertise attracting leaders in construction from all kinds of construction related industries, the next construction industry round table is at University of Salford on Tuesday 8th March.

Another way of ‘building a door’ is to get out and network. This was discussed at length last Monday and to great advice from Si at Big Knows and his well networked panel team at the BizDev meet up run by Manchester Digital every quarter. Business want to know the ‘magic sauce’ for networking and the simple answer is get out there and try new things. Si gave his top tips: make sure you brush your teeth, wear a suit that fits and use your 2 ears and 1 mouth in that ratio. We agree, although brushing my teeth isn’t always front of mind if never been told I’ve got dodgy breath. Every point of interaction is a great learning opportunity and will help your business grow. Listen, learn and live by cause. Hey, let’s make sure it’s fun at the same time.

Ask yourselves this question what would happen to your business if the inbound enquiries started to slow down? How can you increase the size and predictability of your sales pipeline in an ever more competitive industry? One thing’s for sure, if you live by cause now, then it’s a lot less likely to have that quiet patch and growth is more likely to continue. You can’t afford not to.

If any of the above applies to your business send us your details to explore further.

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