In the pitlane: Tech refresh for selling

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I’m always keen to stay on top of new technology and recently I’ve explored a few different platforms, which have helped me become more effective as a sales person. I’d like to share some of those with you now and let’s start with sales automation.

Sales Automation

Which are those tasks you repeat on a regular basis, which if automated can make you more effective as a sales person/business owner? These tasks are often duplicated and sometimes without any kind of standardisation or knowledge share with peers. I’ve recently had success with using Pipedrive to help with a lot of this automation.

You’re asked to summarise what you do or offer in an email, often it’s easier to just insert a standard PDF intro or slide deck? This unfortunately loses any personalisation in the communication and all too often will just get forgotten. Building emails becomes easier with building blocks and smart fields and also having the ability to track these emails and which links have been clicked on 1 to 1 emails. That capability alone goes a long way to understanding the buying cycle of the prospect. The next conversation can be focused on what has been clicked, nice work Pipedrive!

How often do you spend unnecessary painful time trying to schedule calendars? Arranging a convenient time to speak is much easier with the ability to pick times and suggest a few slots to speak. The prospect or customer selects a time and you are notified straight away at the same time as the customer receiving confirmation.

Recently Pipedrive have introduced conversational marketing/chat bots to integrate into your websites, this has your website interacting with visitors when their interest is at their highest! With a few clicks you can set up a chatbot to gather important information and even to arrange a time with a prospect and book into your calendar.

Of course there are many other software as a service bits of kit out there and i’m not the only mechanic in the pitlane… I’m also the driver and Pipedrive has helped me out with many of my customers to have an understanding of the buying cycle of their prospects.


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