It’s all about having fun!

We were watching one of our friends and clients Jeff from Matmi deliver a fantastic keynote at Business Rocks last week in the Development Dome and it inspired a blog entry. Jeff’s focus on the ‘Power of Play’ is all about having fun whilst being productive, creative and successful. Some of the best sales people we know are creative and scientifically minded – being forced with science is a little easier that being forced to be creative so a bias in one direction can often help out.

In sales having fun is essential and we know how to make that balance at Plain Selling. 

Enter the Sales Dice – coming to a sales room near you soon – these are the perfect ‘sparring’ tools for new aspiring sales people to perfect the sometimes challenging moment of thinking on your feet. Roll the dice and construct an open question, handle the returning objections and perfect your pitch.

In the early days of sales I remember having a crib sheet of 30 open questions which I would pick when the conversation went a bit west, and I quickly found my favourite top 5. Luckily this rarely happened to me but when it did I was prepared – one of our sales guys, suggested a dice with a few questions to help with creative thinking. A few thoughts later and the idea morphed into two! One with open question prompts and one with business challenge prompts.

The main part to this practise is readiness for reacting to challenging business conversation in using; Who, what, where, when, how, who in the all important area of sales exploration. This often leads to rapport building opportunities and also assessing a common ground between your service/product and the ideal client.

Roll the dice. Have fun. Sell.

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