#JFDI… is it a Myers Briggs typology I’ve not come across yet? A Jedi that’s yet to master the force? Well it seems it’s an acronym for Just Flippin’ Do It.

A mentality that is led through to action being completed on based on a plan. What is the point in talking about something when you can JFDI. I read this for the first time on a twitter bio (@michaelDiPoala).

“Plan without action is a daydream” – think that ones is a Chinese proverb.

Often people don’t take action because of fear , maybe something won’t go to plan, maybe I’ll fail. All these things are natural fears and getting used to those fears and taking action is the catalyst to great success. Often sales people are stuck from taking action because of fear. What if you take action and the result is greater and more enhanced than expected?