“Sales rhymes with Wales” a story about setting yourself a goal to achieve and achieving it all costs!

Hello. I’m Russ the owner of Plain Selling. I love sales. I love Wales. I love cycling. And for all those reasons I thought I’d share my cycling internal dialogue about sales on my way to Wales (which ended in a couple of Ales) <rhyming has finished>.

Often we are told by clients and business owners that they “don’t have time” to complete sales related tasks, such as the important ‘follow up’, a negotiation call with a prospective client they’re already engaged in a sales interaction with, or even a new prospect call. The truth is as human beings the default setting is to tackle the least resistant things first and often things get left with “not having enough time as the excuse”.

I love setting myself very stretching goals and striving to achieve them, and I have a stack of examples in personal and business life that I can share and hopefully if your reading this and your thinking – “setting stretching goals is great Russ, but what if we fail?” – what if we do? What’s the impact? Well first of all we’ve learnt a way of reaching that goal next time we set it. Or who knows, you may just get there!

Here’s the Wales bit.


I decided to cycle from Manchester Cycle Hub to Llanrwst, north wales a couple weeks ago. 80 miles and the furthest I’d ridden for a while and a road I’d never been along on human power only ever with ‘vorsprung durch technik’.

“You’re mental !” “You won’t find me doing that” “Get the train mate” etc etc

And all the other people I interacted on the day I was going to cycle to Wales. Confused faces, nay-sayers… This happens in sales daily. As business people we need to adopt a zero-tolerance on the ‘Drive-Hive’ or some people might be seen as ‘Mood Hoovers’. Maintain your goal in mind and start your journey now!

As I cycled over to Wales, each mile hitting the bank (every 3/4minutes) made me think of our popular ‘call out days’, where as a Sales Team we set ourselves a stretching goal to achieve on behalf of our clients, all meet up at Sales Club (our HQ) and smash it. Each mile was just like a call. Ticking off the ideal prospects as we navigate through the day and when we speak to the prospect, engage with them and the race to reach the goal we’ve set starts to increase.

Now if you’re reading thinking this is a story of success, it’s actually a story of learning. Did I make it 80 miles? No. The daylight got the better of me and I should’ve set off earlier. I stopped to grab some water at a local pub after running out in some heavy, pitch-black hill climbing and the look on the locals faces when I told them where I was going to was enough for me to realise my plan didn’t work. I had a good go and next time I’ll be bagging an extra couple of hours daylight riding time and I’ll reach my goal! Lesson learned. Loved every mile and I still had 60 miles in the bank before a nice family weekend away with some guilt-free beers and barbies ahead of me.

Set a goal. Make it stretching. Start now.


P.s. I ‘called in the car’ at the Kinmel Arms in the Welsh countryside – the landlord, James gave me a lift the rest of the way, a great guy, good chat over beer and we have a great Sunday lunch at his Gaff on the way back home (bike on the roof rack) – highly recommended great food and Ales : )

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