Let’s ask ourselves, What do we want out of Sales? What do our customers want out of our sales process?

Plain Selling often begins with an overall sales strategy as this is rarely in place or regularly requires redesigning and evaluating.


Consulting services:

  • Sales strategy workshop – this is aimed at being valuable from the word ‘Go!’ and often only last between 1-3 days
  • Outsourced sales activity – Plain Selling has a team of skilled sales people to help your sales grow whilst giving you extra time back to work on your business
  • Bespoke Sales training – Bespoke training requirement for 3-300 sales people
  • Sales Contract – Having an extension to the sales function with all of the above is every business owners dream – selling without selling! That’s exactly what our retained clients have onboard – a team of sales professionals that never switch off the sales gene.


  • Elearning – much of the skills and strategies applied through developing the Plain Selling approach have now been made available widely through Elearning. These cover all levels of existing sales skills up to and including professional sales skills and industry specific sales skills.
  • Sales whiteboards – in an ever increasing digital world sometimes the data overload is too overwhelming before being a growth catalyst. For this reason Plain Selling has developed a back to basics approach to help sales focus and it includes a Sales Whiteboard which often form the centre of a sales strategy for business growth.