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In the pitlane: Tech refresh for selling

I'm always keen to stay on top of new technology and recently I've explored a few different platforms, which have helped me become more effective as a sales person. I'd like to share some of those with you now and let's start with sales automation. Sales Automation Which are those tasks...

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Who will buy?

Sales is the process we go through in connecting with those customers who want to buy, so... ...what types of customers are there? Those that know These may take the form of an inbound lead, and they could be ‘shopping’ around for a product/service like yours. This is often a...

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1000 pieces where do you start?

The best surprise presents are the ones that you wouldn't often buy yourself. My Uncle bought me a 1000 piece jigsaw for Christmas of one of my favourite albums and the iconic cover art of The Beatles, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart club band. After its finished I'll be framing it as a great bit of...

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