Who will buy?

Sales is the process we go through in connecting with those customers who want to buy, so…

…what types of customers are there?

Those that know

These may take the form of an inbound lead, and they could be ‘shopping’ around for a product/service like yours. This is often a competitive situation and needs focus on your unique selling points, customer success stories and personal AND business benefits to the customer. We hear of the ‘non-sales’ approach so often where inbound numbers are high… as soon as you have an inbound lead you can assume they are researching at least 2 other providers, therefore having sales focus here is even more essential.

Those that don’t want to know

Hey let’s face it your prospective clients didnt wake up this morning and instantly think of you, your call and/or your product/service. It’s our role as sales people to spot when it’s not a good time to approach the benefits of your offering to a customer. standard fob off: Can you call me in 6 months time? ask: “that sounds like you’re not interested…” or “that’s great and thanks for the interest!… What’s happening in 6 months time”

And those that don’t know what they don’t know

These clients need some education. Challenge the norm. How can they be doing things differently to meet their objectives faster… Many customers are unaware of how to innovate and want to learn from people like themselves. Customer examples are powerful here or industry stories of why innovating is essential for survival.

It is our role as sales people (read directors/owners/marketeers… ) to convince the prospects whether they are inbound or it’s a prospect from an outbound call. Here’s a simple visual we’ve used to illustrate what we mean and related to the immediacy of the prospect wanting your service.

3Types of clients

Those that know, those that don’t want to know and those that don’t know what they don’t know

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